Houffa and Clinton

Tomorrow morning is the Houffalize World Cup in Belgium.  Watch it live at 7am central here.  The course looks pretty crappy in the way that its in a tiny area that is good for spectators but not for riders.  While UCI racing is definitely better for me sitting here watching on the computer, it sucks to race.

I rode a lot today.  Way to much to race tomorrow.  Close to 5 hours on the mtb all over lawrence.  Covered every mile of trail in town.  I can report that the Clinton Trails are in excellent shape.  They are almost dry, and definitely not muddy at all.  I would guess they can handle a bit more rain without being muddy.  It seems like everyone is on the fence about BoneBender due to the weather.   I saw Chris Locke out there and the course is all marked and he is hoping the worst weather misses the lake and they should be good to go.

I watched the new Eliminator racing on extreme.com yesterday.  Flyin Bryan Lopes won.  He is 40.  In some ways im not suprised he won.  Eliminator racing on that course is basically BMX with even less passing.  Its still suprising that world class elite athletes half his age cant beat him, impressive.  None of the best XC guys really did it except the Cannondale guys and they had issues and didnt even make it out of qualifying.  There is going to be Eliminator at the Colorado Springs ProXCT which should be fun.  It isnt as fun to watch as traditional short track racing but it has to be less painful to race.

That its.  Im on my own for two weeks as Katie is in the GuongDong (sp??) Provence of China making jeans.

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