New Years Day

Its been a few weeks but I found myself on the esteemed dirtdobbers blog and remembered that I accidently found myself involved in the new years day ride.  I had already put in a few hours on the River Trail when I started another lap and found myself in some traffic.  Crazy traffic.  Like there is no reason to ask to get by because there are people as far as I can see on the trail.  It was fun though, made the next few laps go by easier as my motivation was wearing out anyways.  I guess a big group does this every year.  You would think I would know about it being I probably put in more laps on the River Trail than anyone, but I live in my own little bubble.

Its always nice to run into these type of things.  The other night I was struggling with motivation on a cold recovery ride type of day when Adam Mills and his dog came around the corner.  Made the rest of the ride cruise by and I got a test ride on his sweet KCCX team issue Fuji CX bike with Reynolds Tubulars.  That bike is really nice.  Everyone needs deep dish Tubulars to ride trails.  Makes me want to go do some cyclocross races....err, next year.

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