The Condor and Jobs

The Ride of My Life [Book]

On the aeroplane to the Hawaiian Islands I got caught up on some reading.  Mat Hoffman's autobiography "the ride of my life" was up first.  The Condor (hoffman) was just geting started in the world of Vert when I saw him in Oklahoma City in 1987.  He was already famous for huge air.  He and Dennis Mccoy were the best freestylers in the country and they were both from the middlewest (mccoy is from KC).  Anyways, its a pretty interesting book on how some goofy freestyler grew into a businessman because he had to.  If you know who he is, its worth reading.

Steve Jobs

Up next was the Steve Jobs Biography.  That thing is plain thick.  It took some serious dedication to get through it, but it was interesting.  That guy was pretty much a jerk, but he makes cool computers.  We got an Ipad for Xmas and it is sweet.  Definitely worth your time if you are ready for 600 pages.  If nothing else, by the time you get through it you want to throw all your PC's in the trash and go buy a Mac.

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