The Log

Its a 3" binder that has a record of essentially every day I have pedaled my bike since 2007.  5 years of riding almost everyday.  There is a lot of information in there.  I dont like keeping track of my riding but I do it anyways.  The great thing about it is that I can look back on my best races or periods of racing and see what I did to go faster.  Doesnt mean I can recreate it, but I can at least try to.  I have started looking into what I want to do next year for races and therefore have started looking at my past training to see if I can make it work.  I dont think someone who works full time can successfully stay fast enough for the entire mtb season without getting completely exhausted so its better to figure out what time of year its most important to be your fastest and build backwards from that.  My problem is that I seem to always be at my best the same time of the year no matter when I start training.  This year I felt like I was out of shape way too late into the year and only moved my main peak a few weeks back and it hit when there wasnt a lot going on.  So its back to the old plan and the idea is to find races that land in my peak rather than adjust my peak for races.  Makes sense to me.  We shall see, but first...more days in the log with no pedaling.


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  1. Pretty awesome to have cycling journal like that.