Katie and I went out to ride today. It was ridiculously cold. My hands were frozen in no time. I guess its time to get out the winter riding gear. Yesterday was hot and today was freezing, only in Kansas.

Back in 1992 we went on a trip to Vail and I took my new Cannondale F1000.  That bike was pretty awesome for its time.  It would still be considered light by todays standards.  Must have been the sweet headshok.  I sold it a few years ago to a collector of Cannondales for almost what I paid for it 15 years earlier.  Harleys dont hold their value that well.  Cannondale was pretty advanced with the system integration back then.  It had a Cannondale fork, cranks, brakes, stem, bars, etc...  I think im going to give bar ends a try again this year.

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