KC Cup

the KC Cup at Landahl Park was this years Mo state championship. The fact that it was at Landahl, the Heartland guys were the promotors, and that is was the MO state championship meant for a good crowd of fast guys. The course was wet. it wasnt really muddy but it was really slippery. overall it was a great course.

The race didnt start off well for me. I got in one pedal stroke before my chain popped off, then managed to tangle itself up on the second pedal stroke. So the entire cat 1 field was gone and I got it untangled and set off in chase just ahead of the start of the singlespeeders. So I was a minute down already. The chase ensued. It is not easy to ride through and entire field of racers when the race has just started and everyone is feeling fresh. Nobody wants to move over and the passing was a bit tricky. by the end of the lap I was up to 4th and on Chris Plochs wheel when my chain popped off a second time. this time wasnt as bad, and I got it back on fairly quickly. chase time again.

The end of the second lap I had reattached to the group and Ploch and I had gotten away from Kent McNeil and passed Travis Donn who was dealing with a flatting tire. The third lap started with me a few seconds down on Ploch who had gotten through the last rocky section cleanly and I did some running. Halfway though the lap on the wide open field section I put in a bit of an effort and cresting the hill I had a little lead. This stretched out some on the last half a lap for a nice win. No state champ for me though. Ploch gets that honor. Pizza Shoppe on the way home for Katie and I and time for some Dauphine Libre.

Results are here. It seemed like a lot of traffic on the first lap... made it past about 26 cat 1 racers in the singletrack on that lap.

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