Lets say you have a Trek Elite 9.9 that weighs 18.75lbs with Bontrager XXXlite wheels and Maxxis Aspens.  But if you mount up a pair of Maxxis Maxxlite 285's on Stans Podium MMX wheels you can drop a huge 1.5 lbs from your bike.  All in rotating weight.  That is pretty noticeable in the pick up your bike test, and even more noticable on the trail.  They make your bike take off like a rocketship.  17.25 lbs is getting close to roadbike weight.  The only problem is that those tires are only made to last a couple of races and are paper thin.  Is the risk worth it???


  1. Maybe, I guess it depends on the course. I have been using rocket rons, the light version at a 435grams. I tore one on my second ride, but man they are fast and hook up well! Now I'm only going to use them on certain courses, it's a pain in the arse swiching them but that's the way it goes. Actually I only switch the back tire, I figure less weight on the front one and I can unweight it when im in some rockier stuff.

  2. Ditto. Absolutely depends on the course. Sharp rocks tearing the sidewall is the concern. No shorp rocks, then no concern. A course like Lawrence River Trails no problem, but they wouldn't work at Shawnee Mission park much.

  3. mark, nice new ride. gave joel some business i see. those new tomacs are pretty awesome looking. enjoy the suspension.