Cancelled again

Im already 0 for 2 on localish xc races this year.  Lawrence River trail xc is cancelled.  Who knows why.  Pretty hard to think that it would be because of mud, being it dries in about 10 minutes.  Ill probably be down there doing my own personal race instead.  I might have to dust off my cat 4 road license if this continues....or not.

edit:: the rumors are the race was cancelled due to the promotor (freestate racing) "not having the time", or not wanting to put in the time.  i shouldnt be one to complain, because I know it takes a lot of effort and there would be no way I would have time to put on a race.  but why even plan on it and then back out. 



  1. Come on out Sunday. The God's Country Off-Road Duathlon is taking place at the Lawrence River Trails. Should be a great time.


  2. A few Emporian's might be coming up to ride Clinton on Sunday if the storms stay away. You're welcome to join if you'd like!

  3. if its not too muddy im in. to both. i would think clinton is pretty muddy right now as i see a puddle out my window on the concrete.

  4. Both the Lawrence River Trails and Clinton where in great shape today. They have done a lot of work out on Clinton and it shows.

    Congrats on the win today Aaron.