Cancelled races.

When I first started doing this mtb racing stuff, they never cancelled races.  It didnt matter what the weather was like or how bad the trails were.  It was always a blast racing in knee deep mud.  Last year we raced in Columbia under some terrible rainstorming conditions, and it was great.  Sliding all over the place, just trying to stay upright.

Ive been enjoying a nice rest week this week.  Short easy rides most everyday except when the nice weather and dry trails get the best of me.  Friday I decided I would go down to Oklahoma to do a little racing.  I expected that it wouldnt go too well, as I was sure to be "shut down" from not riding much this week.  Got the bike all ready to go and got on the internet just now to find out the race is cancelled due to rain.  March and xc racing just doesnt work in the midwest, april barely does.  Probably for the best, I was determined to not race until April.  Going to Sea Otter without any xc racing is a bit risky, but you really cant recreate the pace of that caliber of racing anyways.  Hopefully the lack of racing will pay off in July when Im not so tired.

Oh well....live vicariously through others and watch the ProXct at Fontana.  I wish I was there.  Im gonna go look at my bikes and wish I didnt have to put on multiple layers to go out and ride.



  1. You could always drive 7-8 hours west for Mountain States Cup in 2 weeks. Yesterday I was riding through 1 foot deep snow at 8500'...in shorts...today it's raining and resembles eastern KS...May be a single speed day.

  2. nice...im all bundled for 30deg day. i would like to come for the stage race in the springs....some altitude training...maybe.