My favorite movie of all time. Rad. Cru always seems to pull it off at HellTrack. Plus lots of great cameos. I used to watch Rad a couple times a week and then go out and ride down to the bmx track and do lap after lap. I wonder what guys like Travis Chipres are doing these days. He came to Topeka for a camp one time and hung out with us at my grandma's pool afterwards. He might of even stayed there, or that might have been Billy Harrison. Its all a little fuzzy. Charles Townsend might have been along as well...hmmm. Anyways, Chipres was Bart Connors stunt double when he was racing, such as in this picture.

Kick Ass was not quite to the same level, we lasted about 20 minutes and took it back to the redbox.


  1. Classic movie. Hung out with some of those guys back in the day. Still see a few once in a great while. Ran into Fiola at the Dana Point GP last year. Still talk to the Rupe's now and then. Used to run into Billy Harrison at the "U" in Palmdale years ago.

  2. Thats awesome... who didnt you know is more of the question. Seems like everyone from the flourescent pink mtb era knows of studnicki. you need to post some more of those "vintage" pics, they are great.

  3. You should check out BMX bandits. Came out in 1985, and I believe it's Nicole Kidmann's first movie. It's Austrailian for BMX and really hoakie. Watch the credits at the d
    end of the movie, and Nicole actually runs a moto and wins.