The Count

This year ive gone to the starting line 18 times. Of those 18 races, 11 have been on the hardtail and 7 on the dually. There was one race that I think I made the wrong decision and should have been on the hardtail instead of the dually. So the count should be 12-6. Basically I pick the hardtail twice for everytime im out on the dually. Looking back on the season I would have thought that I didnt race the dually even that many times. If you would have asked me my plan before the season, I would have said that it was going to be the other way around. I had the Top Fuel all set up as my primary bike with XX and the Elite 9,9 is built up with last years parts running 2x9.

The Top Fuel is an awesome bike, but I still love the effeciency and weight of the hardtail. I typically go to races thinking Ill ride the hardtail and change to the dually if its too rough. Its definitely nice to have options. Of course, 90% of all my off road riding is done on a 29er...hmmm.

also...I love checking schottler's flat count. 15. thats awesome. Ive had 3 flats in two years on the offroad bike (two in perry couple weekends ago, one in Windham due to a nail) and im thinking maybe 2 more on the roadbike.

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