Sunflower State Games

After a week off the bike I went out for some riding and spiderweb clearing at Clinton. After A few hours I had enough but decided I might as well do the SSG's on Sunday. The race was bright and early in the morning, which is much better than starting at noon when its 95 degrees out. Pulling in we immediately saw the intimidating Ethos racing squad unloading their cooler or breakfast beers. The race was at the Govenors mansion trails. I used to ride these trails when I was growing up, but they are in great shape and the course was probably one of the best local races Ive done in a long time. 4 laps and 1.5 hours flew by I was having so much fun. On the first lap I was pulling around Garret S. of ethos and his singlespeed. The course was pretty much entirely out of the saddle climbing so I could tell I was riding his type of course. Close to the end of the first lap there was a longer climb so I upped the pace a bit and got a gap on him. Was able to gradually open it up as the laps went on. After the race it was pointed out that I got a bronze medal for my effort. Out of there by 11am and had a whole day to get other stuff done, such as nap.

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