This week

First thing that got done this week was registering to race at Lance's house at the end of the month. The last time I did a race in Texas was quite a few years ago. Was probably the Supernationals above as those were the last Uniforms I had as part of S&S Racing out of Texas. Was probably in 6th or 7th grade. Got me thinking I should find my old bmx mini. It was a custom Ti job based on a FreeAgent Jr. Im sure its floating around Topeka somewhere and we need another bike in the garage.

Next was reading Joe Parkin's latest book "come and gone". Its interesting, I think I like it better than the first book "a dog in a hat". Mainly because he talks about MTB racing.

Somewhere in there was riding in the rain. I tried to ride the trainer during the thunderstorm yesterday, but after 45 minutes I decided I would rather be wet from rain than sweat, so I headed outside. I dont know how Katie can ride the trainer when its not winter, I just cant do it.

With all this rain im sure the Rhetts Run in Columbia will be cancelled. Im thinking of finding a backup plan...


  1. Mountain States Cup in Nathrop, CO. This Sunday. Part of the Pro XCT...big pro field expected.

  2. Hmm...I was thinking about getting "come and gone," so I'm glad you liked it. All the books I've read lately are about doping and it is getting quite depressing!