Some Otter Pics

I can feel Wells coming up on me. Luckily I was able to hold him off for another half lap so that i didnt actually get lapped, just pulled.
"Pros" should not have to air up their own tires. The photographer should have been taking care of this. Matt's trusty Outback was loaded down for a weekend of racing action, it was nice to have all the tools and luxuries that you cant take when you fly to a race.

At the top of the big climb in the short track. Looks like the Blue rider is going for an inside move, I dont think it worked on this lap.

On the downhill portion of the short track. This short track course is extremely bumpy but fun.

Matt descending to the finish of the Cat 1 race. The cat 1's did our xc course in reverse in order to make it into some sort of trail and not just a grassy path. I liked the Pro XC course, except for the long road race portion. So I guess I only like about half of it.

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  1. Lindsay agrees that you should NOT have to do your own bike maintenance!