River Trail

Checking the flat rear tire before heading out for another lap.

The United Federation of Dirt kicked off Saturday with some racing action at the Lawrence River Trail. This happens to be a short bike ride from the house so I was able to pack a backpack and pedal down for it.
Friday night I decided to do the race, so I started sealing up new tires that would be appropriate for the course. The XR0 1.9 was the tire of choice, though they wouldnt seal up. I pumped them up right before the start and the rear was completely flat about 10 minutes after the race was over. I had to be careful with them for the last few laps as they felt like they were going to roll right off the rim.
Other than the tire issue, the race went pretty well. I knew I wanted to be first into the singletrack, as its pretty tough to pass once you get in there. Bill Stolte, Tradewind Energy, had the same idea, but I was able to out sprint him for the entrace to the trail. I kept on the gas and by the time I looked back, I had a pretty good gap. It was about 20 seconds by the end of the lap and it grew by about that much every lap until the finish. 5 laps on a shorter course was fun, and better for the spectators. Pretty much a big ring time trial.
Great to see all the new High Gear team out in force with our new kits. We had a pretty strong showing. Its nice to race in town. Race, eat lunch, wash bike, do some chores, and now watch a movie.

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  1. Nice work man, finally had nice enough weather to get on the MTB here today too.