KC Racing

Hopefully a lot of people are planning on heading out to the race next weekend. Im sure it will be a good time. Ive been planning on going for the last few years, but things keep getting in the way. This year everything is clear to make the journey west.

Speaking of making the journey west...this race will be everyones last shot at our local national champion (and on his home trails) before he and amber motor on to higher elevation. This means that KC has now lost the two fastest mtb racers to "the springs" this spring with Shad being out there as well. Looks like trips to nebraska or St. Louis might be in the cards as the fastest group in the Western Division will now be the 40+. I dont know if its sandbagging to race in an older class or not, but with Studnicki, Price, and Winkler all being of that mature age it will be the fastest overall race. Used to be/should be that the U29 class was the fastest and everyone moved down ages to race in it but I think the U29 class only had two starters at the last race. Not very motivating. Its much more fun to race when there is a group to push each other. The MSC 's gain is definitely our loss.

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