Getting started

Its been quite awhile since the last post... We have been busy. Ive been spending a lot of time riding in the dark. Made it until sometime last week without getting out the trainer. Im to lazy to get all my lights charged up and mounted at the same time so I have been riding with just the handlebar light. It makes things more fun as you cant see around the corner until you turn. Gets a little creepy out there though. The Light & Motion Seca 900 is a pretty sweet light. It lasted a full two weeks of night riding in the low setting, which is brighter than most lights high setting. Its basically a car headlight in the high setting, but the battery pays the price.

Frank has the Cats cruising. Made two trips up to Manhattan last week to see two home games. Ranked 17th in the country is pretty amazing. Bramlage has been pretty loud, though one of the games there was a blizzard which kept the crowds down a bit.

Trying to get the 2010 schedule together but it has been tricky with the seperation of the ProXCT and the USCUP. I know its starting with Ouachita, which I have never done. There are like 50 guys on the waiting list already for that race, glad I got up at 2:30 in the morning to register.

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