Laborless weekend

KSU game Saturday after hitting the Farmers Market in the morning. Cats held on for the win.
harley ride to Emporia Sunday while Katie was out antiquing. High Gear was closed, slackers.

Rode to the top of Vail Mtn a couple of times, 11,250 ft is good for the lungs.

My bike has been to the spot of where we were married now. Still a pretty fantastic view.

Its pretty great to be able to ride for hours upon hours without ever seing the same trail twice. I could ride all day in the mountains. I stopped to take this one and lost Ryan from the bachelor.

The three day weekend has been great. It capped off a week of no bike riding, just relaxing and getting some other stuff done. KSU game saturday, staying up all night to watch the MTB World championships in Australia on the internet, Harley ride to Emporia sunday, wishing we were still in Vail with Katie's sister and fam. on Monday...

Last weekend we went to Vail by the way...We had planned on going to Copper Mtn. for the MSC races but there was a glitch. We left Friday morning for Denver and stayed at Jill and Ryan's (thank you). When we arrived I checked for the directions to the short track saturday and XC sunday. This is when I found that sometime after we left for Denver they changed the start times of the Pro men XC and I wouldnt be able to do the race and still make it to work on Monday. At first i was pretty upset, but then I decided there could be worse things than having all weekend to do nothing but hang out and ride in the high country, so we went to Vail and had a great weekend. We did find that its pretty easy to leave friday around lunch and make it to Summit County, spend all day saturday, half of sunday, and head back home.

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