Cross Clinics

Riding home from the first cross clinic of the year. Pretty much usual suspects, a few beginners though, still good to get some practice in on the barriers. Anyone around should head out to Clinton next thursday for the next one, gonna do more race efforts on a full course. Got approved for a cross upgrade, Cat. 1 now so I have no choice but to race the fast guys. Ive been planning on going to the Tour of Missouri on Saturday all week, just realized that it doesnt get to KC until Sunday. So I guess Ill be hanging out all day Sunday in downtown KC instead of Saturday.

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  1. Hey man,
    Good luck on the cross training. I've been told there's not much in the way of cross racing in my new neighborhood. But, I did get out to Windham today. Should've went sooner, because they haven't done a thing with it since the race. It was a bit overgrown and I couldn't always find where the trail went. But, when I was on it, it was amazing!