Kate and I got up early and drove up to Omaha for the next round of the Psycowpath series. We got there to find out it was hot there too, 100 degrees. The field was big and fast as usual. The start went okay, as per plan I got on the wheel of Kent Mcneil and Cam Kirkpatrick and planned on staying there as long as possible. That wasnt long. I was having more trouble than I should have staying on Kevin Limpach's wheel as the heat started effecting me too quickly and I started fading fast. By the end of the first lap I was gapped from the front group and guys started going by as I was cramping and feeling sick. Then I would recover, make up some ground, only to almost come to a stop again. I felt tired, which led to gels, which led to upset stomach, which led to almost stopping. Felt better the last part of the last lap and passed one guy and almost caught another to finish somewhere around 7th or 8th I think. The results were a little different than usual for a nebraska race I think, with Kevin Limpach taking the win, Kirkpatrick in 2nd, and maybe Mark Savery on his singlespeed up there was well. At least thats what it looked like when I could see the leaders. Racing in Nebraska is fun as there are a bunch of fast guys so you always have to be on the gas or someone will come by. Midwest Cycling community, Rassmussen, and Monkey Wrench make up three bike shops/teams that are really dedicated to MTB racing which is cool.

After working outside in the heat all day friday, I think it was a little too much to try and race in it on Saturday. Hopefully it will be a little cooler this week.

After the race we picked up Mr. Leinwetter and headed to the Davis Bachelor party. Those guys were a little to raucus for me and I called it a night at about midnight after checking out the Power and Light District for the first time. That is one of the coolest things that KC has probably built in a long time.

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  1. Good racing with you Aaron, bummer to hear your stomach was locking up. Until next time...