Had a minor surgery weds to remove the thorn from my hand once and for all. It was a pretty huge thorn after getting it out. Its about a half inch long and a good 1/8th inch in diameter with some barbs to keep it from coming out. The surgeon thought it was so huge he had to go show it all around the office to the other doctors to see what I had been dealing with for over two weeks. My hand hurts pretty bad now, but from the cutting not the thorn being in there. The pics are posted so that everyone who thought I was just complaining about a little splinter can see why I couldnt hold onto the handlebars.

Its hard to belive I had been to the doctor twice since the initial E.R. visit and the doctor didnt really think there was anything still in there. Lesson is, dont do two races when you know there is a thorn in your hand, it only gets pushed deeper and deeper.

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  1. Reminds me of the time when we were in grade school and you had a piece of plastic from a hockey stick in your eye for a few days. Patch hit you in the face with his stick and you were complaining about your eye hurting for a few days. One day you rubbed your eye and a piece of plastic came out. Your body loves to hold on to foreign objects.