Busy, Busy, Busy

This week/weekend was pretty full and it didnt even include any bike racing for me at all.

Weds Kate and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a nice night on the town for dinner. We are heading for Vail in a few weeks and riding to the wedding deck on mtb's for some more anniversary type celebration.

On Thursday, Andy, Shannon, Katie, and I headed out to the New "K" for the Royals game. The stadium is really awesome, much better than it used to be. It was a perfect night for a game, even though it wasn't Greinke night as I thought it would be. Royals lost.

Friday night we went to the Holtons for Kimberly's 30th Birthday bash. It included a party bus from their house to the Boulevard Brewery. We got a tour of the brewery, catered dinner at the brewery, and all the beer tasting we could want. It is a cool place and a neat success story of a carpenter who started making his own brewskis for his friends.

Saturday was the Fourth. We headed back to KC to the Knight Residence for Jace's 1st Birthday. We dont see the Knight's as much as we should so it was good to spend some time with them. After watching Jace eat as much cake as he could muster we loaded up and headed back to Lawrence. We caught the very ending of the Downtown Crit of the Tour of Lawrence and then stuck around downtown to watch the fireworks.

Sunday we got up early and headed out on a nice ride together, then I dropped Katie off at the house and went out for a bit more riding time as she wasnt interested in doing intervals. After that we got on the motorcycle and cruised up to campus to watch the Tour of Lawrence Campus Circuit race. It was a perfect day to relax in the shade and watch other people struggle up the hills of campus for a few hours.

All that, plus about 15 hours of bike riding time and about as much watching of the Tour de France. Lance had a pretty good ride in the TT and he is still my pick for the win, even if he is 4th fastest on his own team. Plus we had a flat tire in Katies car somewhere in there. After 90,000 miles on one set of tires, it was decided it might be time for some new ones. She is driving to work on a donut tomorrow, so hope she makes it.

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