Battle Royale.

I talked my parents into driving up to Omaha for the Battle Royale mtb race on the Platte River. The field was pretty big and I got to see them all from behind as I slipped my pedals at the start and found myself in dead last pretty quickly. Luckily there was a long (for midwest) double track climb close to the start and I was able to get past about 20-25 guys and onto the wheel of Kent McNeil and Cam Kirkpatrick by the top. We rode the first lap at a pretty high pace and got a good gap on the field. On the second lap Kirkpatrick upped the pace through the feed zone and up the climb and I couldnt follow. I found myself not being able to bridge back up and riding by myself for quite awhile. Then I caught Kent when he was having gu related issues. Eventually I could see Shad Schriener closing in on me with someone on his wheel. On the third lap they caught me and Steve Jarret went by. I rode with him the rest of the lap and we got a little gap on Shad, which is how the race finished. A third place. One of those races where I didnt feel like I really went all that hard, just couldnt respond to a few attacks.
And I got my first shipment of cool new gear from the guys at Twin Six. The new Twin Six website should be up soon with my profile and race reports and all their new gear. And Happy Mothers Day.

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